SEO BUZZ Marketing

Reputation & Brand Management

Generating positive buzz and promptly responding to negative comments helps maintain and build your online reputation & brand image

Your reputation is important – whether it’s your personal reputation or that of your company’s. If you or your products or services have a negative reputation, many critical parts to growing your business will suffer.

It doesn’t really matter whether negative comments are valid or not.

If a prospective customer sees negative comments blanketing search results, forum sites and social media outlets, they will become extremely weary of buying your products or enlisting your services.

Besides, all of this negative ‘buzz’ will dominate the search engines and push your site lower in the rankings.

Monitoring chatter about your industry and developing targeted responses and syndicated content will ensure your company’s online reputation and brand image remains intact

SEOBuzz Marketing from SEO Advantage helps companies monitor what’s said about them online. We take both proactive and reactive approaches to ensuring your reputation and brand image leaves a positive impression on prospective customers.

Using advanced tools, we monitor blogs, forums and social media outlets for chatter about your company and industry. We then carefully choose where to target comments and answers by focusing on sites that will deliver the best link value.

But we go farther than just monitoring the conversation – we add to it through targeted content syndication.

Topics and formats are determined by conducting a thorough analysis of what the ‘buzz’ is surrounding your business and industry. Press releases too, when properly syndicated, help add to the online ‘buzz’ and establish you as an industry thought leader.

In today’s digital world, your reputation online is every bit as important as it is face-to-face.

So take charge of your company’s reputation and be sure you’re adequately responding to negative comments and providing positive impressions to prospective customers.

SEOBuzz services from SEO Advantage help you shape this conversation to your best advantage. Contact us today to learn more and obtain a custom quote!